Bang & Monster Drinks

When you're feeling exhausted, grab yourself the most refreshing, affordable bang drink in Australia – available at Buddys Convenience Store.  

Energy drinks are designed to increase your vitality, alertness, and focus. These can reduce mental weariness and enhance measures of brain function like memory, focus, and reaction time.  

If you’re a night-shift employee, you can have some bang drink to energise you while doing your tasks – just like daytime workers sipping coffee in the morning for a fresh start. And while you’re on the road and you can’t help but dose off a little, worry not, because a can of bang drink available in Australia will be enough to wake you up and make you sing while driving. 

Apart from the benefits a bang energy drink brings, it’s getting more popular for teens and adults today! 

Stop by at Buddy’s convenience store or shop at Buddy’s online store and get yourself a bang drink in Australia in different flavours today!  


Bang has zero calories, no sugar, and no carbohydrates, but contains a significant quantity of caffeine – which can be a very alluring combination for folks who are sick of typical energy drinks but want the boost they offer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bang drink in Australia today! 


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